Family Camp 2018 (English)

Family Camp 2018 (English)

Risøy Folkehøyskole, Gjeving

Saturday 14 – Thursday 19 July  (Click here for registration form)

We are once again happy to wish you welcome to Family camp from Saturday 14th – Thurday 19th of July, Lord willing.

Risøy Folkehøyskole is a Christian boarding school, which is located idyllically on the coastline near Tvedestrand town.  The island of Risøy is about 550 acres, and got its own bridge in 1953.

Invited ministers this year are Bro. Michaél Ulteig from USA and Bro. Mairah Abraham Moses from Uganda.

The different school buildings are placed in a short walking distance from each other.  The dining hall is located on the first floor in the big white building (in the middle of the picture).  The meetings will be held in the gymnastic hall, to the left side of the main white building.

Regarding accommodation, notice the following:

  • When sleeping in the boarding rooms, you can choose full (three meals) or half pension (two meals). It is not possible to make your own food in the boarding buildings.
  • There is a separate school kitchen where you can cook and eat your own meals.
  • Additional beds (travelling beds including duvet and pillow) can be placed in those rooms that have extra space.
  • The five family houses have fully equipped kitchens, suitable for self catering. Additional mattresses can be put in the bedrooms.
  • Those who are not accommodated in the boarding rooms, can also eat single or all meals in the dining hall, but they must be ordered up front.

A new boarding building from 2014, with 16 double high standard rooms, where there is space for 2 additional beds in each room (4 beds in total).  Every two rooms share a rest room.  The rooms are located on the 2nd floor, but there is a direct entrance to the main building.  This building has its own lift.

On the 3rd floor, above the swimming pool, there are 12 single rooms with space for one extra bed.   Wash basin in each room, shower and toilet in the hall.  No lift in this building.  School kitchen is located in the 2nd floor.

8 units with 8 – 10 bunk beds spread in 2 or 3 separate rooms pr unit.  One restroom with shower and toilet in each unit.  This boarding building has simple standard, suitable for families with children.  We plan to have separate units for young boys and girls.  Minimum 4 beds must be paid for in each unit.

Family houses
There are 5 detached family houses that can be used as sleeping quarters and self-housekeeping (or in combination with all or some meals in the dining hall).

Moskva: this was previously the principal’s home, found on the right side of the main building. There are 4 rooms with 2 beds and 2 single rooms. In total, there is room for 7 extra mattresses. A nice large furnished Livingroom.  Priced for the whole house, not pr. bed.

Fjelltun: situated on a little hill between the main building and the camping area. In total 5 bedrooms (1 double room and 4 single rooms). There is room for 5 extra mattresses in total.  Priced for the whole house, not pr. bed.

Beddingen: a few hundred meters walking distance from the main building. It has 6 bedrooms (1 double room and 4 single rooms). There is room for 7 extra mattresses in total).  Priced for the whole house, not pr. bed.

Breiblikk: situated in the same direction as Beddingen, but is the family house furthest away. It has 3 double rooms, plus 1 in the basement with a separate entry. Totally there can be put 5 extra mattresses in the house. 

Fjordgløtt: is placed on the same road as Breiblikk, but further away from the water. It is an apartment with one double room + a single bed in the living room.

We have 2 classrooms that can be used as sleeping quarters, i.e. mattresses on the floor. If one does not wish to eat in the dining hall, then self-houskeeping is possible in one of the family houses.

There is a designated area for tents, caravans and/or campers in the middle of the island, just a few hundred meters from the main building. There is a separate service building with showers, toilets and a small kitchen with cooking facilities and refrigerator, as well as a fixed electricity connection.

Camp prices in NOK (per person/day):
– Children from 4 to 11 years old get half price.
– Children under 4 years old are free.

Boarding buildings
Langangen, full board 660
Main building, full board 615
Bassengbygget, full board 540
Reduction for half board 65
Reduction for extra bed 80
Skipperstua, no meals (minimum 4 persons/unit)  165
Family houses
Moskva (pr day, no meals) 1.950
Beddingen (pr day, no meals) 1.400
Fjelltun (pr day, no meals) 1.200
Breiblikk (pr day, no meals) 1.200
 Fjordgløtt (pr day, no meals) 600
Caravan/camper 230
Tent 180
Boat docked at school’s pier, from 155
Extra for electricity 60
Breakfast 65
Dinner without dessert 130
Supper 65
Accommodation in classroom per mattress 180
Additional charge single room (boarding buildings only) 110
Rent of bed linen (whole week) 160
Washing machine or dryer 25

Dinner menus:

  • Saturday: Ovenbaked salmon
  • Sunday: Ham roast, sauerkraut and vegetables
  • Monday: Pasta with meat sauce
  • Tuesday: Bread-crumbed cod with cabbage salad
  • Wednesday: Lunch (BBQ for everyone in the evening)
  • Thursday: Chicken with rice, Bearnaise sauce and salad

There are two possible exits to Risøya from E-18, at Risør or at Tvetestrand. We recommend you to drive road 410, and then continue to 411 at Tvetestrand. The other road is somewhat narrow and winding.

Registration deadline: June 15th, 2018.  (Click here for registration form)

After we receive your registration form, we will send a cost calculation. We hope that as many as possible will take the opportunity to pay for their stay at camp beforehand.

For questions please contact bro. Jan Hansen:
– E-mail: or mobile: +47 908 42 160

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